Breathing Exercise

5 Ways to Declutter Your Brain this Spring

Spring Renewal: 5 Ways to Reawaken Your Spirit and Get a Fresh Start

The coming of spring always feels like a time of renewal and awakening. People often use it as a reason to spring clean their homes and offices, making things feel fresh, clean and new. Reorganizing all your closets, cupboards, and drawers can help you feel re-energized in the moment, but don’t dismiss or neglect your mind — that needs a ...

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7 Ways to Stop Time

5 Ways to Show Your Partner You Care — Just by Being Mindful

Many of us have an iffy relationship with time. Largely, we resent it. Because when we’d rather time slow down, it seems to, almost on purpose, sprint and slip away from us. This is why many of us find ourselves desperately trying to outwit time. We invent and employ strategies to perform tasks faster. We sample all sorts of productivity ...

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